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Family Pix

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tribute to my little sweetie

There is nothing like waking up in the morning to a little girl cooing and her big bright smile shining up at me. I am so blessed to have Addison Rose as my daughter. She is 5 months old today! My little girl is growing up so quickly.

I remember the nights of only 2 hours of sleep when she had colic and would literally scream from 11pm-7am every night for 2 months. I used to think would this ever end. But now it has been 5 months and the time has just flow. Those sleepless nights have gotten me to today. Things get better and better with her each day!

Addy is learning and doing many new things. Yesterday she rolled over from her stomach to back. A few weeks ago she rolled over from her back to stomach. She is such a strong girl.

The favorite part of Addy's day is when daddy comes home. She knows his voice so well it is just amazing to me. During the day her daddy calls her to see how she is and she always grabs the phone from me as she knows who it is.

I love Addison Rose so very much. Its amazing how the Lord picks this one little girl just for us. I cherish my every waking moment with her. I love family time with our Addison Rose. We even went to Como Zoo with her on Sunday. It was so much fun to watch her daddy hold her while we watched Sparky the Sea Lion.

So today Addison Rose, my tribute is to you. I love you my sweet daughter. I am so excited for you someday to know Jesus.

You are my sunshine Addison Rose!


  1. Precious! What a great tribute. I had a tear in my eye reading. are such a special little girl and you have so many family members who love you to pieces!!! And a mommy and daddy who will give you the world.
    Amen to little ones!