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Family Pix

Monday, August 2, 2010


So tonight is the big night... It is when Ali chooses between Chris and Roberto. Yes, I know I watch the Bachelorette every Monday and have watched every season since it started. Whether it is good or not, I'm addicted. I also make my hubby watch it with me. Thanks Ben!

As I am looking forward to the season finale tonight it makes me so thankful that I don't have to go on a show to find my husband. I don't have to choose, fight, or get hurt by tons of different men. While many girls may think it is great to go on television to find their mate. I chose the harder way.

I had two loving parents that from the moment I was born prayed for my future spouse. What an amazing gift a parent can give a child; prayer. My dad even took me on a special trip to my Aunt Allie's Cabin to discuss the importance of my future spouse and saving myself for marriage for that one special person.

I was blessed to marry a man that his parents did the exact same thing. Ben's parents also prayed that he would marry a godly Christian woman. His parents even made a list of good qualities/attributes to have in a future spouse, which I have read and hope to live up to.

It made me start to think about the same thing for our daughter. It is not too soon to start praying for her future husband. I pray that the Lord will direct her to a man that loves the Lord with all his heart and has Christ at the center of his life. Some may think I am crazy for starting to do this at 4 months of age but the person you marry is someone that you will be spending the rest of your life with. I don't think this is a decision to be taken lightly.

So tonight I will watch the Bachelorette and yes I hope Ali finds love. But in my mind there is no greater love then the blessing of a marriage which Christ designed.

Thank you Ron, Dana, Charlie and Cathie for praying for us all those years and for continuing to pray and be by our sides for this adventure called marriage.

I love you Ben and I am so blessed to have you as my husband.


  1. It's never too early to pray for your children--about anything!
    It's a great thing to know your parents are praying for you too!

  2. Agreed. And count me in on the list of people who is praying for Addison!