Family Pix

Family Pix

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fun at the Fair

This year was Addy's 2nd trip to the fair. However, this year she got to eat!!! From corn on the cob to cheese curds, ice cream, pronto pup, RC Cola, lemonade, french fries and cookies! Addy enjoyed the food. We also visited all the farm animals and the dogs. In a picture you will also see that Addy got to pet a baby pig.

Daddy also won her 4 stuffed animals in the midway which she loves!!! She has been carrying the cow her daddy won for her all around today. Daddy also found Addy this cool little bubble gun which you will see in the pictures below...

We went to the fair on Tuesday when it was sprinkling and only 60 degrees!!! It was great! We had so much fun and it was even more of a blast to watch Addy enjoy the people, animals and food! Can't wait for next year...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Potty Time

I am sure you are thinking with a title like this,"what in the world?" However, Addy is getting close to the time where we are thinking of starting to train her. She is about 17 months old and lately she has been grabbing at her diaper and being more aware of when she goes to the bathroom and she even comes to me and lays down when she wants to be changed.

I have been talking to many mom's and others about when to start and what is best. Many have said wait until they are ready and don't rush it, which is great advice. I really appreciated all the advice and feedback I got from everyone. The advice I decided to take was to just buy a potty chair and let Addy just get use to it being in the bathroom and seeing what it is all about.

I am kind of excited for this next stage. Yes, it will be cheaper but how fun to watch our little girl grow up. I know it isn't always the easiest thing to potty train but hey it can be our little potty adventure!! HAHA....

So here is to FUN POTTY TRAINING and I will keep you all updated!

Cute little story
Lib: Mommy! Mommy! I did it! I did it!

The Mom: [inspects Shorty's port-o-can] Uh, no you didn't. Not even a drop.

Lib: Oh.....[thinks about things] I try again.

(While handily courting the fruit snack bribe from Mom)

Lib: I'll take my fruit snack now.

Mom: When you've gone potty you can.

Lib: You can get it ready for me. ('get it ready' for her?)

Mom: Libby, when your done, I'll give you a fruit snack.

Lib: You can give it to me now. I'll just hold it. Trust me.

( "you'll just hold it"? "Trust me"??

Monday, August 15, 2011


Summertime is a great time to try new things and be outside with friends and family. It has been such a blast for Addy to have cousins close to her age and they get a long so well. We have had a fun time trying new things and learning as we go. I am in a way sad to see summer sliding away because I really have enjoyed fun times. So without anymore words---ENJOY OUR SUMMER FUN pictures with Addy's cousins.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Addy's 1st Vacation

This past week we had the opportunity to go to WI Dells with the 17U Basketball team that Ben helps coach with his dad. Ben, Addy and I headed out early on Tuesday a day before everyone else so we could go the Noah's Ark Water park(the biggest in the country). From previous posts as most of you can see, Addy loves water and she just had a ball.

We did and experienced so many fun things. The pictures will tell the story but some fun things we did:

*Noah's Ark Water park 2 days in a row (if you went Tuesday, you got in free Wednesday)---we even went in the rain

*Chula Vista Water Park (also free--part of the hotel stay), Grandpa Paxson also came and Addy just had so much fun with him

*Addy's first experience at Dunkin Donuts

*Paul Bunyan home style restaurant--it was a fun buffet where they served us chicken, roast, salad, mashed potatoes, carrots, and more.

*We went to Pedro's Mexican Restaurant and Addy LOVED dipping chips in salsa

*We went to Buffalo Phil's (2 times) was a restaurant and arcade. Addy played some games and won a purple ball that she loves

*Went shopping at Tanger Outlet Mall; bought daddy some new Nike Shorts, went to the Disney store and daddy bought Addy 2 stuffed 101 Dalmatians

*Went to 4 great basketball games where MN Glory defeated a WI Swing team that was one of the top teams in the country---Great season with some wonderful players and parents...such a blessing to be apart of watching these young men flourish and basketball and get college scholarships

*Last but not least we went to our first Chop House---and the food was AWESOME! Ben's dad ordered these stuffed mushrooms that normally I would not even try but I decided to live on the edge...hahaha...They were stuffed with crab and wrapped in bacon...NUMMY!!! The steak was phenomenal...onion rings---GREAT and salad awesome too!

Most of all it was a trip we will treasure forever because it was Addy's first real vacation that she could experience and we were so blessed to experience with Grandpa and Grandma Paxson also.