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Family Pix

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Best Friends

As many of you know I really have a love for dogs. The dogs that have been in my life are some of my very best friends. I know this may sound stupid but dogs are always there for you and always listen and the best part; they don't talk back.

I truly believe that on any bad day you are having, you can walk in the door and they will make it all better with just a wag of the tail.

The first dog I had as a child growing up was a black lab, Bruno. He was one of my best friends. He went for car rides with me, slept in my bed at night and we went for nice walks together. In 10Th grade, Bruno went to doggie heaven. I sure miss him but he was such a treasure when he was here.

The second dog that came into my life was Stromile. This was Ben's dog that he got when he went to college in Texas. Stromile was lab/chow mix. He was so wonderful, I remember walking around with him in my arms time and time again. He was a great snuggler. Stromile ended up moving out to a family friends' farm so he could have more room to run and play as he was a fun loving dog. This was Ben's first pet. We missed him when he was gone.

The third dog in my life was Henry. Henry was my sister in law, Amanda's dog. Henry was awesome. He loved walks and loved couches. I remember him eating up Amanda's. Yes, it sounds very funny but I don't think it was at the time. Henry was a great dog; he loved life and people.

The fourth dog, Struno our basset hound. We got Struno in our first year of marriage. Ben and I always wanted a bigger dog plus he was so cute with those long ears. I looked at Struno for 2 weeks as I walked by and window shopped at the Pet Store in the mall. Struno got his name from a combination of Bruno and Stromile (Ben and my first pet's). Struno is now almost 5 years old and he brightens my day everyday. He loves his new little sister Addy...he loves to give her little kisses.

Our last but not least, Wrigley. He is a black lab/basset hound mix. We got him from the Humane Society two years into our marriage as a buddy for Struno. He was severely beaten as a young dog in his previous home so we had a lot to work with. He was scared even if I picked up a spoon, he thought I would hit him. Now, he is always by my side, happy as ever. Wrigley loves treats and loves to bark at other dogs.

I really love my 5 dogs. They are some of my best friends. As my husband would say; they are our family.

So if you have a dog; give him a kiss and love him to pieces and enjoy each moment with them!

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