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Family Pix

Thursday, December 15, 2011

My 6 Rocks

You may be wondering with the title of this post why I am talking about rock's....well I have 6 of them in my life. They are strong and solid. They are the 6 most important men in my life.

Recently both my father in law and grandpa have been diagnosed with cancer. It hasn't been an easy thing for our family. I have definitely had moments that I feel hopeless. I have wondered why God would let this happen to such amazing men of God. But these men keep reminding me that God has a plan and his will is done in each situation. Each of these men remind me that we find our hope in God.

Today I am thankful for these 6 men that are in my life. I want to just share something special about each of them...

Rock 1---My husband.... he works hard each day for his family, to provide, allow me to stay home with our daughter. He loves the Lord with all his heart and you see it in each step he takes. He is an amazing father, husband and friend. I love his sweet kisses before he leaves for work. I adore him. I am his wifey...

Rock 2: My dad (Ron)....He is a strong man. He encourages and is always there. Each step he takes you see Jesus. He loves his family. His heart is so caring. I am his leedy-do, I am his daughter.

Rock 3: My other dad (Charlie)....He is a leader... his heart is so giving...he always puts others before himself...He gives so much to others of his time...He is strong and courageous. His faith is inspiring. I am his Rosie, I am his daughter.

Rock 4: My brother (Scott)....He has a heart for people. He gives of his time. He is a great dad and husband. Each day he is apart of a ministry that changes young children's lives. I am his sister.

Rock 5: My other brother (David)...He is a man of character and integrity....he loves and adores his wife and daughter...he works hard for his family so that Katie can stay home with sweet Ellie. He is faithful in being in the Word. I am his sister.

Rock 6: My grandpa....he is quiet but bold... he loves the Lord with all his heart...his hugs and smile are contagious....he always can make you laugh...he is the legacy of our family. I am his granddaughter.

These 6 men have something in common: Christ... Each day these men wake up and show the Love of Christ and spread that to all those around them.

I am who I am today because of these men. I am so blessed to be in their lives and honored to call them my rocks!

Proverbs 27:17: As iron sharpens iron,
so one person sharpens another