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Family Pix

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tribute To Our Parents

Ben and I were both blessed to grow up with parents that were very active in our lives, especially spiritually active. Each of our parents in their own way were examples of Christ every day. I don't think I can say enough how thankful we are to have parents that model the way we should live our lives according to Christ. We have parents that have combined over 60 years of marriage under their belts. Some of the words that come to my mind when we think of our parents is commitment, unconditional love, passion, caring, strength, protection, and support. I would like to talk about each parent and a way that I see Christ modeled in their lives. They may not know that I have watched but each of them do it silently but diligently.

Dad(Ron) Ginn- Many mornings I would find my dad downstairs in the basement of our house that we grew up in. I was always curious what he was doing down there. We had a laundry chute that was right near him and I would always yell down there to see what he was doing. Many times he was in prayer which I heard him do so often. Other times he was in God's word. I always saw my dad in God's word and I saw it lived in his life everyday. You always were an encouragement to me with bible verses you would write or type up and always left encouraging notes. I loved your notes to me. What a blessing to have been modeled this in my life. Thank you dad for this example.

Mom(Dana) Ginn- If you know my mom, you know she is probably one of the sweetest ladies you will ever meet. She daily lives with a ton of pain due to rheumatoid arthritis. However, you would never know...My mom always puts everyone before herself. She is one of the most humble people I know. She has always modeled Christ by giving up her time for others. Whether she is caring for my grandma, supporting my dad, helping one of her kids; she is always there. She is the ROCK of our family. Thank you mom for this example.

Dad(Charlie) Paxson- Like I said before, I have been blessed with in laws(which I hate using the word inlaws..they are my parents) that have some of the exact characteristics of what I grew up with. The attribute that I see everyday in the life of dad is commitment and loyalty. Dad runs a basketball program where he is dedicated to helping young men obtain basketball scholarships for college. But even more important than that; he is guiding these young men to become followers of Christ. As it says in the bible to go and make disciples; I really see this lived in his life. Because of the program he has been dedicated to for many years now; boys have become men by finding their relationship with Christ. Thank you dad for being that example to us.

Mom(Cathie) Paxson- Again, I was blessed with two mom's that have very similar qualities. If you have met Cathie before you know she is a wonderful lady and always willing to help others. She bends over backwards for her kids/grand kids all the time. My most memorable attribute of mom is her knowledge. She knows the bible inside and out. She used to help Ben with our bible projects for college and we had so much fun learning from her. If you are wondering about certain subjects...she knows them. The example of being in the word and coming to know Christ more is lived each day in her life. Thank you for being that example mom.

Ben and I are so thankful for each of our parents. Each day they help us in our marriage to grow into a loving Christ-centered couple.

We love you!

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    And I agree, you have some wonderful parents! :)