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Family Pix

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Weigh in Wednesday

Well, it has been a week since I started Weight Watchers and it has been going very well. I have been learning to portion control and eat better.

When I first started to try to lose weight I was weighing myself daily and I kept getting discouraged, so now I am picking one day a week which weight watchers does.

My meals have been simple and healthy. I still have had a cookie or a couple chips every once in awhile but it is controlled...Im eating what I should and not over eating.

With all of that said---I am down 3 pounds!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Shout Out

So today was an interesting day of sorts...Addy is really sick and was up most of the night, so we cuddled most of the night in the single bed in her room.

Ben, of course had work today even though a lot of people had it off. I was having a very overwhelming day and the work I have been doing for my previous employer ended today abruptly, so a lot of thoughts have been on my mind. Ben has been doing a great job of cheering me up today and the past few weeks as the job has been becoming difficult.

BEST NEWS OF THE DAY::: CONGRATS to my hubby on being at US BANK for almost a year and getting high scores on his review!!

The day started out with some bummer news but ended with great news!! I am so proud of my hubby and for all his hard work he does to support this family.

Its amazing how God provides for us and that God ALWAYS has a plan for us even when we don't see it.

Even in the times where you feel low.. HE is there to pick you up.

Congrats again my wonderful husband, I am so proud of your accomplishments at US Bank. You are a phenomenal banker, husband and father.

We love you!

Romans 11:36
For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Time to shed some pounds

So as all women know...we gain weight when we have children...and sometimes its hard to get off. For almost 11 months now I have been down about the weight I gained and have really had a hard time losing it. Looking in the mirror for me is just torture...

So instead of just talking about it, this week I decided to take action. Yesterday I decided to start Weight Watchers. I am using some books that my cousin Laura gave me and some that my mom gave me.

I have been so motivated by others around me working hard to lose weight; my cousins, mom, aunt, sister, and many others. My mom has been on weight watchers for almost a year now and has lost about 60 pounds. She looks great and I am so proud of her.

When I see others losing weight and making effort to do so it makes me really want to try hard.

Yesterday was a hard day because my issue is not what I eat but how much of it...I love food--too much and I eat too many portions. So my goal with weight watchers is to trim those portions and become accustomed to that lifestyle.

I don't agree with giving up all foods and the ones I love but I think certain things should be cut out and portion controlled. I have decided to try and give up pop and really focus on drinking water.

I am looking forward to spring and summer when I can go to the Farmer's Market for fresh veggies and fresh fruits...I am looking forward to losing weight and having a healthier lifestyle.

So here I go. Excited to get healthy! Also had to add a picture of Addy...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Let it Snow

I know what everyone is thinking... This girl is crazy...why does she want snow?
Snow is one of God's greatest creations... I love it....yes we have had lot of it this year but I have enjoyed it alot, especially with a new little one.

This past weekend we went to my parents to celebrate my dad's birthday. My parents have a nice little hill in their backyard to go sledding...We even had a snow ball fight....My mom and dad even went down the hill---loved it!!!

Sometimes, the cold gets to be too much and the snow I just want it to melt but on Sunday I was so thankful for the time we all spent in 50 degree weather sledding and enjoying my family!

Enjoy some of the fun pictures.

Friday, February 11, 2011


Lately I have been thinking a lot about time and how fast it goes...Time always seems to just get the best of me...

*I have not been blogging lately because I have been working about 30 hours a week for my job

*Can't believe its almost been a year since little Addison Rose came into the world

*About 10 months ago I was wanting sleep so bad when our little girl was up for 2 months from 11pm-7am every night... Now I can't even remember that period of time...

*This year my new years resolution was to be intentional about the time I spend with friends and family...trying to get around and see everyone and spend quality time with them

*I just turned 29 about a week ago...WOW...time sure has gone by...I'm no longer just me..I'm a wife and a mommy

*When my sweet angel wakes up at 2am in the morning in pain with teething, we snuggle..I cherish these times as they will come and go quickly

*Each night I only get about an hour or two with my hubby before I go to bed.. I miss spending more time with him...

*Zumba---I'm trying to lose this baby weight and it is taking a LONG time...I got this wonderful Zumba game from Ben and has been helping me alot.. I don't have to leave home for it.

*I'm getting excited for the time I will spend with my cousins and their children this summer...parks, sprinklers, water parks, picnics...I love spring and summer for this reason... I cherish this time

*My brother spent the night during Superbowl weekend (his kiddos were sick and wifey was taking care of them). I cherish these moments with my brother and seeing him grow into a wonderful man.

*Excited for Tuesday to hang out with Amanda, Ainsley and Thaddeus...Enjoy seeing them so much

*Spending time with Addy's favorite buddies--Marsh, Brady and Logan on Monday and of course some of my favorite cousins too

*Had a wonderful celebration in Owatonna for my birthday this month..Katie and David went all out.. wonderful food,great cupcakes, my favorite ice cream cake, fellowship and of course I got to see my sweet niece. Mom and Dad Paxson were there also... I got some of the most awesome gifts.. one of my favorites being these awesome red shoes mom and dad Paxson bought me...SUPER CUTE!

*Enjoyed a fun birthday lunch with my cousin Emily on my birthday...enjoy many laughs with her. She also made me a special Caribou Drink...specially made by her!!

*Had my annual Father/Daughter Birthday dinner out at Texas Roadhouse. Such a blessing to have the dad that I do. I so enjoy spending time with him.

*Recently went on a fun shopping trip with my mom and spent her birthday with her and Addy....Love being with my momma

*I'm doing a 30 day challenge this month called 30 days of Encouragement for Your Husband--I can tend to me a little negative/nagging and hi-strung, so I thought this might just be good for me...I am so thankful for my husband and him allowing me to be home with our sweet daughter...He will NEVER know how much it means to me.

*Enjoys watching our sweet daughter play all day long... I don't get a lot of me time because she is so active and doesn't like to nap as much but I sure do love getting to see her develop into this wonderful little girl..especially seeing her standing up in her crib when I come get her in the morning.

*I am planning Addy's first Birthday party, Ben is taking off that whole week..for celebration and MARCH MADDNESS!!! March Maddness is like a holiday in our family...Last year we watched it from the hospital room since Addy was just born...WOW...I can't believe that was just last year...

*So thankful for the nights my hubby brings dinner home so I can just rest and don't have to cook...Sometimes the time gets away from me each day and a night just to spend with him and Addy without the worry of preparing for dinner is nice.

*Can't believe I have been with my hubby for almost 12 years...(married 5 years)
I love him dearly

*Speaking of time, duty calls...Addy is waking up from her nap and my quiet time is up.

Time is so precious.. handle it with care...When Addy was first born, life felt so hard, I didn't think those days of crying each night would ever be over but its 10 months later and I miss those sweet days although stressful...

James 4:14
How do you know what your life will be like tomorrow? Your life is like the morning fog--it's here a little while, then it's gone.