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Monday, January 6, 2014

Surgery: A Blessing in Disguise

As many of you know, last Monday I had surgery. At the beginning of December when my infertility doctor called to tell me they didn't want to proceed with anymore treatment, he mentioned me seeing another OB/surgeon. He told me that if I were his daughter that is what he would have me do. So mid December I met with this new doctor. After doing an ultrasound they found out that I not only had endometriosis but also polycystic ovarian syndrome. He told me in his 30 years of being a surgeon he had never seen such a bad case. So he said he wanted to do surgery right away.

Well, I hesitated to ask him but I said (while laughing) so can you do it by the end of the year because we can't afford to have to pay our deductible right away in January. He said, I will make it happen. So we proceeded to go meet with the hospital scheduling and they said there is no way this can happen but they will check with he surgery unit. He had to use a specific type of machine called the Davinci (a robot) to help assist in the surgery. Apparently that equipment/surgical room books 2 months out. The scheduling lady called the hospital and they said, we just had an open at 730am December 30th. All of us looked at each other in shock. Needless to say, I had surgery. Such a blessing it was financially to be able to squeeze it in before the end of the year.

So last week I had surgery, it ended up being 3 hours long which was much longer than expected. They ended up reattaching my ovaries to the correct position in my body. My tubes were behind my pelvis and they also reattached and cleaned them. Then he also removed ALL cysts from my body. They also used a anesthetic that they injected into my 4 incisions that has caused some unpleasant side effects. But overall, the surgery was a success and I am slowly but surely recovering.

My post is really not so much to focus on the surgery itself but all that has happened surrounding it. I have noticed and learned in the past week some things I take for granted. So I just want to share them with you because despite the horrible recovery I had during the beginning last week; there have been so many blessings or things I have taken for granted that I now really appreciate.

I took for granted the power of God. The healing hand that he has and how that I could trust my fears to him. Going into this surgery I was so scared something would go wrong and I wouldn't wake up and get to see Ben and Addy ever again. Crazy, I know...but it was a fear. Through my prayers and prayers of others the Lord blessed me with an amazing surgery and peace that I would wake up again. I took for granted that the Lord always protects me and my family.  Once again, he showed me just how gracious and powerful he was.

I take for granted sometimes those who are the closest to me. Sunday night, I slept at my parents house so that my mom would get up with me at 4am to head to Fairview Southdale for my surgery. So I had a nice evening of spending time with my parents alone as I prepared for the next morning. My mom even made some homemade apple pie. This next thing may sound corny to some but I don't care...My dad tucked me in to bed and gave me his famous goodnight kisses on my cheek like he did when I was little. (He would do a certain number of little kisses, lets say 16 and he would tell me that it is a player from the Vikings and I would have to guess who it was). Then my mom and I got up at 4 am to head for surgery. For those of you who know my mom, she has severe rheumatoid arthritis and if she gets up too early she can be in a lot of pain. Needless to say my mom is AMAZING. She got up at 4am, sat through the whole surgery and recovery and brought me back home where she stayed by my side for 2 days. I can't say enough how thankful I am for my mom and dad!!!

I also learned I take my wonderful hubby for granted to often. He stayed home with Addy Sunday night and got up with her in the morning, dropped her off at his mom's house(thankful for Ben's mom who watched Addy all day-such a blessing) and drove down to Edina for my surgery by 8am. He had no time off left at work and his office is short staffed and yet he was one of the first faces I saw when I woke up. Ben is always there for me, he is my biggest supporter. He made sure I was ok, brought me out to my mom's car for her to bring me home and then had to work until 7. He continued to care for me the rest of the week in numerous ways that I probably can't count. I am blessed to have him as my husband. One thing that really stuck out to me is his amazing faith in God and how he always told me to pray as I was having many fears/worries about this whole process. Thank you, Lord for a husband who calls on you first!

Addison Rose....she is one amazing little girl. She is flexible, adaptable, helpful, self-less and kind hearted. She knows how to be gentle and just love her mama. She came over to my bed and brought me to the bathroom when I had to get up. She says, 'I got you, Mom. I can help." She was so proud to help. On Thursday of last week, it was my first day without "adult" help. Addy sat next to me, we watched Mary Poppins about 10 times and she did a beautiful fashion show. Lord, I am so thankful you blessed me with this miracle. She is the best!

Last week, we were blessed with many wonderful meals from family and friends. I was blessed with amazing phone calls and visits from friends. When you are healthy and things are going perfect, you can really take for granted the people that you surround yourself with. I am blessed with so many that love and support me.  I pray that I can be a blessing like this to others when they need it. 

I think another thing I take for granted is doctors. As many of you know I trust doctors, I believe in them. Being a doctor is a calling. I prayed ahead of time for my surgeon and his staff. The day of surgery each one of them was amazing. They comforted me and were kind every step of the way. This surgeon in particular was the first doctor I felt truly helped deal with the issues I have had for the last 3 years. It gave me a sense of hope and trust that God has mighty plans for our family. It reminded me how thankful I am for doctors and their knowledge. It also reminded me how much I miss my father in law. He was at my last surgery in March as he was battling cancer. He always put other's first and he really walked through the infertility issues with us for the last few years. He always had good advice and always knew what I should do. So to make this surgery decision without him was hard. I took for granted how wonderful it was to have a doctor in the family. But, I was also thankful that because my reproductive endocrinologist cared so much about me (and also knew Charlie) that he referred me to a great surgeon.

Last but not least, I took for granted my home. Being home. Once surgery was over I didn't leave the house until Saturday for Ben's work party. It was refreshing to be home with nothing to do (even though I couldn't do anything). The surgery came at a perfect time. God knew I needed rest.

So, in this last week, I have been blessed. I have a new perspective on hope, trust, fear, family and much more. Although, I am still recovering, I have a hope and peace that I didn't have before the surgery. I am thankful for all the people who have played a roll in showing love and support during this time.

A beautiful verse my Grandma Betty and Grandpa Ken gave to me before my surgery...I am thankful to the Lord that promises these things and he blessed me with each one.

"May the Lord bless you and protect you; may the Lord's face radiate with joy because of you, may he be gracious to you, show you his favor and give you peace." Num. 6:24-26