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Family Pix

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tribute to Some Special Ladies

I have been blessed with ALL girl cousins. It has been so fun growing up with each of them and getting to know each one of them. Each of them has wonderful characteristics that truly make them wonderful women. The best part is they are all godly women that strive for excellence in their lives. I want to share a little something about each one of them starting with the oldest of the cousins to the youngest.

Laura (Ginn ) Krause--whom is married to Jason Krause(aka great hockey fan)
I have wonderful memories of my cousin Laura. She was Scott and my babysitter when I was younger. The best babysitter around (well we really were older and probably didn't need a babysitter it was more just cousin time). As we have gotten older I have participated in bible studies and lots of shared time with Laura which I have cherished. The quality I love about Laura is her boldness in Christ. Laura always stands up for what is right and just even if it sometimes isn't the "IN" thing to do. I love you Laura and blessed to have you in my life.

Molly (Ginn) Kuznia--married to Peter Kuznia(the runner) and has 3 boys
Molly is such a blessing to me. I have grown more and more close with Molly over the last few years. We have participated in bible studies together, family get together and more recently we get our kids together. The attribute I really love about Molly is how much of an encouragement she is. Molly is always positive and is probably one of the strongest/courageous mother's I know. Since I have had Addison, Molly is always there to help me and has great advice. I know if I have a question I can always call on her and she will be there to support me and encourage me through motherhood challenges. Thank you Molly! I love you!

Emily (Shaw) Wiggin-- newlywed to Michael Wiggin (aka Ben's childhood friend)
Emily and I have been very close since we turned about 18. We are 9 months apart in age to the date. Emily has been such a blessing to my life. We have shared so many things together it would be hard to list them all. Emily is probably one of the hardest working women I know. When she sets her mind to something she goes all out! Emily is also such a positive person. She always is making sure other women are cared for and know that they are all special. Emily always has a way of making people feel they are special. I cherish our times, talks and dill pickles chips!!! You are great Emily Mae.. I love you

Sarah White--
Sarah is such a wonderful lady. She has worked really hard in her education and she is right now getting her Master's. The attribute I have always loved about Sarah is her creativity. She has made the most beautiful blanket for Addison and she does it all by hand. Creativity is something I did not get unfortunately. Sarah also helped me with all my wedding flowers and many other projects. I have loved many talks with Sarah and I cherish my time with her. I love you so much Sarah.

Chelsey Shaw--
Chelsey is such a great person. She is one of the most fun loving people I know. Chelsey always has the cutest hairstyles and it always makes me want to change mine. The attribute I love about Chelsey is her artistic style. She is a wonderful drawer. At one of my bridal showers we had to draw a picture of a bride with our eyes closed. Chelsey won that game...It was beautiful. To this day I still have that picture. Just like my cousin Sarah; Chelsey is so creative and I really admire that so much. It has also been fun that since I have been up a lot with Addison in the middle of the night, Chelsey has been up too so I have someone to talk with or chit chat on facebook with. Love ya lots Chels!

Mary White--
Mary is my youngest cousin of the ladies. She is going to college at Bethel right now to be a teacher. Ever since Mary was born she has ALWAYS had a smile on her face. I have loved watching her play sports, going to all her events and spending time with her. As I have gotten older I have gotten to spend more time with Mary and I enjoy each second of it. Recently her and I spent a day with our Grandma Anita helping clean and have lunch. I really love and enjoy how happy of a person Mary is. She is always a pleasure to be around. I enjoy her text messages of encouragement and joy that come and great times. I love you a lot Mary.

Well, I have now shared a little bit of how great my wonderful cousins are. I cherish each of them and those of them that have husbands. It is an honor to have you each as cousins and I hope to grow closer to each of you as the years go by. I love you all.


  1. Thank you so much for that beautiful tribute! Brought a tear to my eye. I feel every bit as blessed to be able to have you as a part of my life. I love how close we have become, especially in the last several years. I love you!!!

  2. Thanks for the post. We have all been so blessed by the family in our lives. Not everyone can say that. I also feel very blessed to have you!