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Monday, August 9, 2010

Cast your vote

It seems like everywhere you go now there are signs advertising for the upcoming elections. I am really not big into politics and if you know me I really don't talk much about it. However, as I have gotten older I have realized just how important my vote is.

This post is not by any means meant to offend or hurt anyone but merely my opinion and what I believe.
I am definitely a one sided voter for the most part. I vote republican on every election and yes I supported President Bush each time. There is no perfect president as I am sure we all know.

However, as a Christian woman I cannot help but vote for the republican candidate as the most important issue to me is Pro-Life/Pro-Choice. For the most part, democrats are not for Life or at least they campaign that way. I know in a lot of people's minds that there are way more important issues than this but this is my sole reason for choosing the people I vote for.

Especially after having Addison, I feel so strongly that our leaders believe that LIFE is the only choice and its the right choice.
I know this is a widely debated topic and some may not agree with me but in my mind there is no other way to vote. Why would I vote for someone that believes that it is ok to hurt innocent lives? Especially the most innocent of them all. What about that babies choice? There is ALWAYS someone that would love a child. There are so many couples that cannot have children that would love to adopt.

Addison Rose is the most special gift the Lord has blessed Ben and I with. The miracle of birth should NEVER be taken lightly. I remember seeing Addison right after my emergency C-section was done and thinking how could anyone ever just choose to kill an innocent precious gift like that.
So I encourage you before you cast your ballot during this election think of those little innocent children. Choose LIFE!


  1. Amen! And I know it's not our place to judge, but I have a hard time reconciling people who claim to be Christians but then vote for a candidate who clearly does not value human life. There should be no issue more important!!

  2. Agree completely wife of mine.