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Family Pix

Thursday, March 31, 2011


1 Corinthians 10:31- So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

This verse did not hold a lot of significance in my life until I met the Paxson family. Now each spring/summer this verse is lived out in the lives of our family. This is the theme verse for MN Glory.

Minnesota Glory is a Spring/Summer Boys Basketball Program. The mission of the Glory basketball program is to help elite athletes with their athletic, academic, and spiritual growth. We assist all Glory athletes with their desire to play college ball.

Ben's dad (Dr. Charlie Paxson) started MN glory when Ben was in 7th grade and to this day it is still one of the most elite programs in the state of Minnesota. However, it is the only Christian based basketball program. As I stated Ben was the main reason they started this program and Ben is just one example of the many players that have come out of this program with Division 1 Scholarships.

Dr. Paxson puts a lot of effort each year into this program. The teams aren't just thrown together and then we play. Each year he goes to hundreds of basketball games to watch players during their school season to see if they would be well suited for MN Glory. He goes from as far North as Thief River Falls and as far south as Sioux Falls, SD to see some of the most elite athletes in the state.

After he goes to all of the games, he begins sending out letters to invite each player to tryouts. This year tryouts were held on March 26th for 15,16,17 year old age groups. Tryouts start with registration which is the job of the women in the family to collect tryout fees and get each boy signed up and sent into the gym with a jersey for the tryout. Then the fun begins; the coaches (Dr. Paxson, my hubby and Bro-in law are some of the coaches) and Glory alumni begin to review the players as they go through a variety of drills and scrimmages.

Once this portion of the tryout is over; teams are selected. This is a very difficult time as we do have to cut players. However, we pray each year that the Lord brings us the players he wants to be apart of MN Glory and each year we are not disappointed.

The season lasts from April to August. We have a few tournaments in state and a few out of state. The out of state tournaments serve as the soul purpose to have college coaches see our players so to in able them to get scholarships. These out of state tournaments have so many college coaches it is unbelievable. A couple of years ago I got to see my favorite coach and he was watching our game.... Yes, it was Mike Krzyzewski of Duke.

Once the actual playing season is over...the work is not done. Dr. Paxson gets on the phone and calls ALL and yes I mean ALL the college coaches for these players. He spends thousands of hours talking to coaches about our players and encourages these coaches to give our players a try in their programs.

So, in a nut shell that is just a small bit about what MN Glory is about. Not only do we have players get scholarships but some of these young men come to know Jesus. Praise the Lord for that.

I have been a member of Ben's family for almost 6 years and we dated for 6 years. This is one of my favorite Paxson times of life is watching Dr. Paxson in action working for these young men. Did I mention, he also has a full time job besides putting in thousands of hours into MN Glory?!

I have watched Ben's family spend hours and hours putting effort into this program. I have loved watching this become such a family function. Ben's mom, Cathie does all administrative work---gets hotels, files correct paperwork, makes sure everything is in line and in order, Katie (Ben's sister) has taken THOUSANDS of pictures of the games, teams throughout the years. Ben has played in the program and now coaches. When I came into the family, I got the job of statistician and helped with tryouts. Then when Katie got married to David, he also became a coach and helped to go visit players during the school year.

MN Glory has been a huge blessing to my life and maybe one day our kids will get to play for their grandpa and dad's.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lots to say but.....

So I have a lot on my mind lately; Addy's first birthday, Revelation-the Lord's coming, positive attitudes, filters, family time, blessings and more but I am not quite sure what to write about yet. We have been enjoying a lot of fun times with Addy and family lately so that has taken up a lot of time.

So today I just decided I would share some fun pictures of Addy.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So this past week has been a whirlwind. Our sweet little girl turned one. Time sure flies. Each new experience this year as a mom has been a blessing. I have learned so much this year. Learned to be more patient, loving, flexible, and not so type A...hahahaha

I also learned that it is such a blessing to be a stay at home mom thanks to my husband. This last week, Ben was able to take the week off and hang out with Addy and I. We pretty much stayed home everyday accept for each day Ben would take us out to lunch at a different restaurant each day. Addy and I loved our time with daddy. We also made sure daddy got to sleep in, watch basketball and have some of his favorite meals while at home

I realized how thankful I am to Ben for going to work each day for us. Of course, this week it is back to reality and its just Addy and I. We miss Ben dearly. So, since we missed him, we went to have lunch with him today and visit him at the bank. I sure do love his co-workers, he is so blessed to have such great people to work with.

Ben is a blessing to us. He works so hard for us each day by going to work and doing an incredible job at the bank. Ben mentioned to me while he was on vacation how thankful he was for the rest but also thankful that when he left for work on Tuesday that at least one of us would be home with Addy.

The Lord has truly blessed Ben and I. He has allowed us to be able to have Ben just working and me being able to stay home with our sweet girl. Thank you Lord for that. Thank you Ben for being a honorable, noble, loving and hardworking husband.

I cherish you my wonderful husband and I am blessed to be your wife. You will never know how much I love the sacrifice you make each day for our family. You are a blessing.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY Sweet Addison Rose!

A year ago today at 7:50 pm after 22 hours of labor ending with a emergency C-section, Addison Rose was born. 6 pounds 10 ounces, 19 inches our sweet girl with a dark head of hair looking like her daddy. What a wonderful moment that was seeing our little girl for the first time.

I can't believe it is a year that has passed since our little girl was born. Ben and I have expereineced to many new things as parents. We are so grateful that the Lord chose us to raise Addison to be a follower of Christ. We pray that we will have the opportunity to watch our daugther accept Christ into our lives. Ben and I both have wonderful parents that have made us the parents we are today and we pray we can be those parents to our daughter.


A- A gift from the Lord

D- Daddy's little girl

D- Is our little Darling,

I- Is always willing to cuddle with momma each day.

S- Smiles from ear to ear at anyone around.

O- Our litte monkey loves her bananas

N- Miss iNdependt, likes to play and do things for herself...especially likes feeding herself

R- Loves us to Read to her, carries the books to us and hands them over for us to read

O- Is always On the ground playing with her two favorite dogs..likes to crawl over them and giggle

S- Standing on her own..and loves to walk to mommy and daddy

E- Excited to see her develop into the girl/woman of God that she is destined to be We praise the Lord for her.