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Family Pix

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Number 4 in Purple

Most of you that know me well know that I love Brett Favre. I have liked him as a player for a long time. He is always my fantasy football quarterback and I make sure no one and I mean no one takes him during the draft.

As we all know there has been so much drama over him the past few years. I also know a lot of people don't like all the "drama" he has supposedly caused. In my mind he can cause as much drama as he wants. He is good and when he is on the field he proves that week in and week out. Many people may also say he just wants money or just wants the attention and maybe so... But he deserves it. He doesn't miss games, he shows up to work each Sunday and works his heart out. While other players don't play games due breaking laws and team rules; he is on the field.

Yes, I know Brett Favre is human also. He has his flaws but at lease he is a man and stands up when he does wrong. For instance, Brett had an affair but publicly acknowledge this and was remorseful in doing so unlike some we know....Tiger Woods.

Brett Favre battled with his wife through her cancer, lost his brother in law and lost his dad all in a matter of a couple years. He stayed strong and led his family and his team through his sufferings.

So for all of you that are hard on Brett, I am going to be the one that supports him. After all he is just a man that throws a football around during the day and comes home to be a husband, dad, and grandpa at night.

Good Luck Brett Favre and the Vikings this year. I predict awesomeness!!!


  1. Well, you know that he's not my favorite person in the world, but that is mostly due to the annoying GB fans in my family. HeeHee! If he can bring us another great season this year I'm all for it.
    Sounds like Brett is lucky to have you for a fan!! :)

  2. Brady loves Favre!!
    Plus, anything to help the Vikings out this year. I was excited to hear the news!