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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weight Loss Update

Well, today was my weigh in day and I didn't lose anything this week.. bummer...I stayed within all my point accept one night. However, I have a few goals for myself for this next week.

Goal 1--drink more water...I'm not very good about water intake and sometimes only drink like a cup...I have been drinking diet pop but sometimes I feel like that makes me more hungry. So my goal is to drink 50 ounces of water a day and until I do that no more diet pop.

Goal 2---I have been still having some sweet that stay within my points but I think sometimes these sweets make me get thrown off. I'm going to really try hard to focus on no sweet treat for this next week.

I haven't had any chips in two weeks... either just wheat thins or pretzels.

Ben has been a huge encouragement to me when I get home and bought me a lot of greens.

Man it would be so easy to just give up especially when you have a week with no weight loss but I'm going to keep on going. I decided I am going to give myself two treats with a certain a mount of weight loss as a goal I can reach.

When I lose 10 pounds- the prize will be a coke from McDonald's (I know this sounds funny, but I love coke from there)

When I lose 20 pounds--the prize will be an ice cream treat--probably a concrete Nerds mixer from Culver's...

So that is the update for the week. I'm looking forward to the warmer weather to walk outside also.

Thanks to all those that have shown me encouragement through the last 2 weeks!

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  1. Hey! Don't sweat the no loss too much. For me, I generally have at least one week every month with no loss and sometimes even a gain, even if I follow exactly. It's just the way our bodies work. Sometimes it helps to use your 35 flex points during the week just to shake up your metabolism. Also, remember that if you exercise you may be building up muscle which will add to your number on the scale but in a good way! :) Keep it up! I know you can do this!