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Family Pix

Thursday, March 17, 2011

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY Sweet Addison Rose!

A year ago today at 7:50 pm after 22 hours of labor ending with a emergency C-section, Addison Rose was born. 6 pounds 10 ounces, 19 inches our sweet girl with a dark head of hair looking like her daddy. What a wonderful moment that was seeing our little girl for the first time.

I can't believe it is a year that has passed since our little girl was born. Ben and I have expereineced to many new things as parents. We are so grateful that the Lord chose us to raise Addison to be a follower of Christ. We pray that we will have the opportunity to watch our daugther accept Christ into our lives. Ben and I both have wonderful parents that have made us the parents we are today and we pray we can be those parents to our daughter.


A- A gift from the Lord

D- Daddy's little girl

D- Is our little Darling,

I- Is always willing to cuddle with momma each day.

S- Smiles from ear to ear at anyone around.

O- Our litte monkey loves her bananas

N- Miss iNdependt, likes to play and do things for herself...especially likes feeding herself

R- Loves us to Read to her, carries the books to us and hands them over for us to read

O- Is always On the ground playing with her two favorite dogs..likes to crawl over them and giggle

S- Standing on her own..and loves to walk to mommy and daddy

E- Excited to see her develop into the girl/woman of God that she is destined to be We praise the Lord for her.


  1. Happy Birthday Addison!! You are a special little girl!

  2. I love this baby! Happy Birthday!!! Love the post. Cute cute.

  3. Happy Birthday Addy. It was so fun to be at the party yesterday!!