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Family Pix

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So this past week has been a whirlwind. Our sweet little girl turned one. Time sure flies. Each new experience this year as a mom has been a blessing. I have learned so much this year. Learned to be more patient, loving, flexible, and not so type A...hahahaha

I also learned that it is such a blessing to be a stay at home mom thanks to my husband. This last week, Ben was able to take the week off and hang out with Addy and I. We pretty much stayed home everyday accept for each day Ben would take us out to lunch at a different restaurant each day. Addy and I loved our time with daddy. We also made sure daddy got to sleep in, watch basketball and have some of his favorite meals while at home

I realized how thankful I am to Ben for going to work each day for us. Of course, this week it is back to reality and its just Addy and I. We miss Ben dearly. So, since we missed him, we went to have lunch with him today and visit him at the bank. I sure do love his co-workers, he is so blessed to have such great people to work with.

Ben is a blessing to us. He works so hard for us each day by going to work and doing an incredible job at the bank. Ben mentioned to me while he was on vacation how thankful he was for the rest but also thankful that when he left for work on Tuesday that at least one of us would be home with Addy.

The Lord has truly blessed Ben and I. He has allowed us to be able to have Ben just working and me being able to stay home with our sweet girl. Thank you Lord for that. Thank you Ben for being a honorable, noble, loving and hardworking husband.

I cherish you my wonderful husband and I am blessed to be your wife. You will never know how much I love the sacrifice you make each day for our family. You are a blessing.


  1. Wow Katie! Your post brought me to tears. :) You have a beautiful little girl and such a wonderful family. I am so grateful that I can be a part of that. :)

  2. Awww... Addy has a great daddy. God is good!