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Family Pix

Thursday, March 3, 2011

11 Months of Fun

WOW! Time has sure gone just a few short weeks our pride and joy will be turning one!!

So many new things happen each day and she is just a bundle of fun!!!

Here are some great new Addy updates:

*Addy is taking her first steps...she can actually walk on her own for about 2-4 steps but that kind of falls over...

*Addy can drink out of a straw...She doesn't like sippy cups much but she will drink out of this new cup I got her that has a straw

*Addy is making new sounds and words...the other night when Laura and Molly were over Addy just shouted out a couple new words...almost sounded like Quack Quack...haha. Also Addy has been saying UP...when she wants up on the couch or wants me to hold her she says up up...

*She loves when I read books to her..She has this particular book called "Baby Elf's First Christmas". Addy will carry this book over to me, sit next to me and we will read together..

*Addy gets very excited when daddy comes home (this is really nothing new) but now she knows when I say daddy is home, she looks at the door and starts flapping her arms

*Addy can give hi-five's and hi-ten's

*Next week we will be starting Addy on whole milk, she has already had tastes of milk and juice but we are officially switching over...daddy thinks she is ready for some good cold milk

As you can see she is just more and more fun each day...We are getting excited in about 2 weeks for her first birthday. We have some fun activities planned the week of her first birthday. Ben actually took this week off to hang with us and because in the Paxson family...MARCH MADNESS begins...

We will be celebrating Marshall's (Addy's buddy and cousin) First birthday..Addy and Marshall have the same shirt they will wear at their parties...

We also will be taking Addy to her first waterpark/pool, of course in the kiddy section--no depth...Then we will be enjoying some good college basketball and lots of fun moments with Addy.

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