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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Life Begins at Conception

I know the topic of abortion is very controversial. Let me start out by stating, I am PRO-Life or the way I would like to say is PRO-BABY and I strongly believe that taking a child's life in this manner is WRONG. I believe that when a man and woman come together and make a child; that child's life begins then- At conception.

Why do I bring up this topic today? Well, the other night I got a call from the MCCL (Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life). They were calling to ask for support to deny the upcoming new part to the partial birth abortion law. Right now law makers are trying to push ahead that when a mother/father find out the gender of their child, and if those parents don't want that gender; at that point they can abort/take that child's life. Now, sometimes I don't stay up on my current laws/amendments,etc but when I got this phone call I just broke down in tears.

How could anyone abort a child, but abort them because they are not the right gender?

Another area of abortion I just don't understand is how when a mother that is expecting a child is murdered and the child inside the womb is also murdered---its a double homicide even when that child is just a few weeks a long.

Why is that when a child is aborted, it is a fetus then and not considered a human? Shouldn't that be homicide?

Again, this phone call brought up a lot of thoughts and emotions. I encourage those of you thinking about abortion to stop and think about someone else for just a moment. What about that child's choice??? Don't they get a say in this?

I am thankful each day that the Lord has allowed me to have a child. I can't imagine life without Addison. She is a miracle, just like every other child out there. Give each child a chance; CHOOSE LIFE!


  1. Preach on Sister!!! I could NOT be more on board!! Well put and a wonderful subject to bring up! Children are blessings from God. No matter what gender, what health status, what mental status, perfect or "imperfect"...A blessing!!!

  2. Now is the time for our nation to show what we want- protection for the unborn, who all have destinies to fulfill in this life. Jesus loves the little children, FROM conception. AMEN K-T-P!