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Family Pix

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So last night was a success!!! The potatoes Au Gratin turned out wonderfully and the oven-fried chicken tasted great! Ben is so far loving this new idea.

The other twist I have decided to go by is that I have to use what we have in the house before I grocery shop again. So I look through our food supply, see what we have, and then go into Betty Crocker and cook away. I am also trying to lose my baby weight and so I am trying to do healthy food and eat the right portions while doing this new found adventure.

Tonight, as I sit here; in the oven is a large chicken pot pie and corn bread (which Ben loves). I'm excited to try it. I also made the pastry to cover the pot pie mix from scratch which was an experience but oh so fun!

This is not going to be an everyday thing but when I have the time, I am going to try new things with the food we have in the house.

I already picked a dinner out for tomorrow night but that is a secret until tomorrow. Tune in for more nummyness soon.


  1. Sounds like an awesome plan! I can't wait to hear some more of your good recipe finds :).

  2. Sounds so good! Great idea! I feel so accomplished when I can make dinner from the items we already have at home. Unfortunately, it doesn't happen that often!