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Family Pix

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Forever Yours

I wear it everyday but it goes unnoticed most often. It has a treasured meaning to my family. Its beautiful beyond measure and yet I don't take the time to admire it. It holds a special place in my heart. It means forever. It means to not take him for granted, it means to love him always. To be there for him. It was once Ben's grandmas. It means don't give up. It means being intentional. It says I love you. I have worn it now for five years. Its a never ending circle. It was given to me on my drive way six years ago by the man of my dreams. It is priceless. Its a symbol of never giving up, always forgiving, and loving unconditionally.

I know I don't need a ring to show that I am married and that I love my husband but I will never forget what that ring symbolizes. Its not just a hunk of metal that will one day be thrown away. Its on my hand forever. Its beauty gazes at me each day and sparkles in the light to remind me of just who my heart belongs to.

My wedding band also symbolizes the relationship we have with Christ. The never ending bond that will last a lifetime. Christ's love for us cost him everything, his love for us is unconditional.

I pray that I will be a wife that can love unconditionally, encourage my husband, respect my husband and take care of my husband through all of life's joys and trials.

I pray that I will be a mom that shows my daughter the love of Christ and that she can see him in me.

I pray that I will be a servant to Christ that one day he will say, well done good and faithful servant.

God never said marriage, parenthood, and living for him would be easy but the ring I am wearing symbolizes that it is forever and that I will always keep trying to be a better woman of God, wife and mother.

So as it sparkles each day I will remember my commitment to forever.


  1. One ring to rule them all and in the darkness smite them. Leave it to me to take an awesome topic and make a LOTR reference.

    Nice post sweetie.

  2. Awesome post! It is so great to see a young couple so happy and so in love and committed to the relationship not only between you two but between you and Christ. What a blessing to have you guys in my life!!