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Family Pix

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So this past weekend I decided to make some changes...Many of you know the site, Facebook..(hahaha) Its is a place to connect with friends/family and see what is going on with others or so they say... I had been a member of Facebook for awhile and enjoyed seeing old high school friends, college friends and family friends...

But Facebook started becoming a priority in my life. I wanted to see what was going on all the time with people and it just took the focus out of my day. I would be on it during Addy's naps and even when she was up. Facebook overall was a negative experience for me. Not to say that it isn't great for others. Some of my family and friends are still on there of course.

However, for me I needed to make a change. I needed to focus on positive things and things that lift me up, things that make me smile. My husband, daughter, the Bible, enjoying a cup of tea....

Do we remember the days where we didn't have Internet?! Everything is done online now...people have conversations, arguments, debates,etc via Facebook or email. What happened to the phone? or seeing someone face to face? I miss those days. When we write versus talk things don't always come out right and people get hurt. And that well, just isn't fun.

When we think about how the Lord spent time with people and getting to know people and leading them to Christ...I just don't think he figured we would be doing things so impersonal as emails/facebook,etc. I haven't done a good job of actually spending time with people or just picking up a phone. So I am hoping with re-focusing my priorities that this will change.

So going forward, my priority is to talk to people, be with people, and really pursue friendships out of the world of cyberspace. I had been praying for awhile about stepping away from the world of Facebook and so far, I don't miss it.

On a lighter note...our sweet little girl is almost 2!!!


  1. You go girl!! Stay strong. You are so right on. We need to get back to face to face and actual voices!!! I am 100% with ya.

  2. Re-focusing is a good thing to do. We all need to remember that. Thanks for the encouragement.
    Love that little cupcake girl!

    Grandma Dana

  3. Amen to all of that! People find it easy to hide behind the internet and be hurtful since they don't have to face you. I'm glad you are taking the time to re-focus. I need to do that too, for sure. Can't wait to hang out soon!