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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day to my Sweetie

Between friendship, dating and marriage; Ben and I have been together for almost 14 years. WOW! Each day I am amazed by how much more my love grows for him. He is an inspiration to me and I learn so much from him each day. I am so blessed to have a husband that came from a wonderful family. I always prayed that I would marry into a wonderful family and gain a sister; and I did both!!!

So in honor of Valentines Day I am going to list 14 of the MANY reasons I love my hubby!

1. I love my hubby because he loves Jesus first and foremost. His walk with the Lord is quiet but you see it in each step he takes. His influence with people is tremendous to watch and I cherish his heart. He is a man after God's own heart. I love how much faith and trust he puts in Christ. I see it in his daily walk.

2. I love my hubby because he is a great husband and father. If he isn't at work he is playing with his little girl or spending time with me! He always puts his family first.

3. I love my hubby's sense of humor. He can always make me laugh. I am a very serious person but Ben always knows when I am down or just need a laugh. He always has the right thing to say at the right time.

4. I love my hubby's sense of protection over our family. I have always loved that I feel safe with him. Could be because he is 6'5" but either way I love that feeling. You are my superhero.

5. I love that my hubby is loyal. Not only in our marriage but with the friendships he has and the way he lives his life.

6.I love that my hubby loves his parents and cherishes their relationships. I am thankful I have a hubby that is so close to his parents.

7.I love my hubby for his willingness to always try something new. Ben is always up for anything.

8. I love my hubby's positive attitude. With my type A personality I can tend to be a negative Nelly... but Ben always has a smile on that handsome face and always has something positive to say. He ALWAYS encourages.

9. I love my hubby for who he is. Sports fanatic, gamer playing, magazine reading, homebody, smiley face, wonderful man.

10. I love my hubby for how hard he works for our family. He goes each day to work with no grumbles. He is one of the best bankers in the country (hence why we are going to NY for a trip because he is so great).

11. I love my hubby because he is SO HANDSOME! I love his wonderful smile...his big brown eyes....his bear hugs....I love that he is tall....I love his dimple when he smiles...I love his strong arms....(I better stop there since others are reading)

12. I love that he loves my family. I love that he always wants to make sure I get to spend time with them and have all those opportunities to be with them. He always makes the extra effort to be with them.

13. I love my hubby because he is so loving. Ben is not a negative person and everything he does is in love. He has a way with words and is always so caring.

14. I love my hubby because I do. I love him inside and out. I love bad days...I love good days...I love his laugh...his humor...his ability to make everyone in the room laugh...I love his tender heart...I love his trust in Christ...I love his loyalty...I love his respect... I love his heart...I love how great a daddy he is...I love that he loves me unconditionally...I love that he puts family first.


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