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Family Pix

Thursday, July 14, 2011

What does it mean to be a stay at home mom?

*It means being the last one to shower...meaning sometimes not until everyone is in bed at night

*It means giving hugs and kisses when Addy cries out for me at any moment

*It means feeding her and giving her what she needs to grow strong and healthy

*It means being the one that may get no sleep at night and feel exhausted most days

*It means sharing in a lifetime of fun memories

*It means seeing all her "Firsts"

*It means teaching her and molding her into God's children

*It means saying no and disciplining when she is misbehaving

*It means having her sit on my lap and read books

*It means putting her down for each nap, hearing her cries and then hearing the peaceful sounds of sleep

*It means taking responsibility for another life

*It means lots of work and always being ready for what is next

*It means feeling so unconditionally loved by a one year old little girl

*It means I am depended upon

*It means taking care of the house so when our hard working daddy/hubby gets home; he can just rest

*It means going for walks, learning, watching cartoons, and snuggling

*But most importantly it means that I have the ability to shape my daughter's life so that some day she may come to know Christ as her personal savior.

This life is but a breath and I feel so fortunate to be the wife of Ben Paxson and the mom to Addison Paxson. Ben and Addy are not mine, they are the Lord's; He has blessed me with them until he one day decides to return. It is a big responsibility to be a part of what God has created for me. I'm thankful that as a stay at home mom I can have this opportunity. So many may say that being a stay at home mom is not really a job but God gave me this job and my payment/reward is my daughter's eternity in heaven with him.


  1. What a beautiful post, Katie!

  2. It's the best job around! I've found that it is some work, but mostly play :).