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Family Pix

Friday, July 22, 2011


I truly believe that everyone needs a break from life every once in a while. A break from the everyday hustle and bustle of things. Right now, I strongly believe my husband deserves this upcoming break we are about to experience! Starting tonight at 6pm, BEN IS ON VACATION!!!!!

Ben works so hard at his job. Ever since he has been at US Bank, he has been the number one banker in the district for the last year! Ben works hard each day and isn't home until 640pm. Then its dinner, bath time for Addy, bedtime for Addy, bedtime for Katie and then Ben gets a few moments to himself before he starts the routine again....

So, tomorrow morning, yes I will let Ben sleep in and enjoy his first Saturday morning in months of being able to sleep in since he works most Saturdays. Then we will enjoy the weekend by just resting and enjoying family time. (Side note---HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY TOMORROW TO MIKE AND EMILY WIGGIN!)

Early next week we will be leaving for WI Dells to enjoy a fun time at Noah's Ark Water park, Glory basketball tourney for the 17U boys and a fun filled vacation with Mom and Dad Paxson.

So I am looking forward to a second pair of hands for the next 9 days of fun with my hubby at home! Ben, we are looking so forward to having a great time with you and in celebration tonight we are heading out to try a new Mexican restaurant!!! NUMMY!!!

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  1. Have fun! I totally agree that vacations are a necessity and your hubby definitely deserves the time do you! :):)