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Family Pix

Monday, October 18, 2010

First's for Addy

Time has flown so fast with our little girl. She is already 7 months old. The past few months have been such a blast as she is doing so many new things. Since she is our first child it is all new to us, so seeing things for the first time is just the best.

Some of the new things she is doing:
1. Sitting up all by herself. She is such a strong girl
2. She loves to stand up (of course with our help), she even took a couple steps with my mom's help the other day (I walked at 9 months so maybe she will too)
3. Saturday she actually got into a crawling position on all fours but for now she is just army crawling and moving all over the place.
4. She is now eating graham crackers and today I even tried pieces of bananas. She loves it! So excited for all these new solid foods.
5. Attempting to talk. She actually keeps saying dadda. That is the first word I wanted her to say, so Ive been teaching her that a lot. Now she seems to be saying it alot. She also loves her own voice.
6. She also had her first photo shoot for 6 months of age and we also had a family photo shoot the other day. (photos to come soon)
7. I hold Addy in the front window every morning as daddy leaves for work. This morning she actually waived goodbye.
8. She has two teeth.

First's to come:
1. Carving her first pumpkin and Halloween. Daddy wants to carve the pumpkin with her
2. Thanksgiving- Looking forward to giving her some mashed and sweet potatoes.
3. Christmas- So excited to spoil her rotten and enjoy family time and beging to show her the true meaning of Christmas.

I am so blessed to be able to see all these firsts. I try to catch everything on video for Ben so he is able to see. She also said dadda to him the other day. She just melts our hearts.


  1. Oh Addy! She is so much fun. Katie & Ben, enjoy this precious time with her.

    Love you all!

    Grandma Mommo

  2. They sure grow up fast, don't they?!