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Friday, May 25, 2012

While I wait

Do you ever wonder why God isn't answering? I do all the time. But it isn't because he isn't answering. He may be saying yes, no or wait on me. I love when he says yes or no because its a definte answer but this waiting thing just doesn't work for me.
I have started to realize lately that God wants me to wait on him and be faithful in doing so. I have been praying a specific request for a long time period and have felt that God is not answering me but I know he is wanting me to just wait on him. Its very difficult for me to do this. Its hard to realize its not our timing but his.
Waiting requires us to seek him, trust in him and know that he knows what is best for us. God's delays doesn't mean God's denial... he's preparing something bigger and better for us. He may have something planned that far exceeds our imagination. God will answer me eventually about this but in the meantime I have to wait on him.

God is faithful. He will answer us. He hears our every cry. There is no time lost in waiting, if you are waiting on the Lord

Some verses that really helped encourage me today and a wonderful song by John Waller "While I wait" that encourages us to keep serving him while we wait:

Psalm 37:7

Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him; do not fret when men succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes.
Psalm 40:1
I waited patiently for the LORD; he turned to me and heard my cry.


  1. Love, Love, Love this song!!!!!! So hard to wait, but the outcome is always so worth it! Prayers and hugs!!

  2. Waiting sure is hard. This song brought me through some tough times a couple years back. It looks like you are doing a great job of trusting in God while you wait.