Family Pix

Family Pix

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Addy Update

We had our 15 month check up yesterday and all went well. Healthy little girl...the doctor said she seems to really be growing quite a bit.

She is 28 pounds, 30 3/4 inches.

Its amazing to me how many new things Addy does.She is truly a blessing in our lives.

*Starting to eat with a spoon by herself.

*Runs instead of walking

*Can say juice, cracker, up, dog, mom and dad.

*Gives kisses a lot! (we will take those anytime)

*Loves to build and play with blocks

*Is starting to really understand what Ben and I say...if we tell her its bath time, she starts to climb up stairs and goes right into the bathroom...

*She loves to play in the kitchen with all of the cans and spices

*Loves picking up her daddy's shoes and walking around with them

*She loves to laugh and chase the dogs around

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  1. So cute! It's been so much fun watching her grow up. Such a precious little girl. :)