Family Pix

Family Pix

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


This past week Ben had Wednesday-Sunday off of work so we stayed in town and had some fun. We enjoyed visiting our new nephew, the Anoka County Fair, Broadway Pizza, Minnesota Zoo, The Paxson Beach and more!

We had so much fun with daddy home that daddy had to go back to work to rest...ha ha

While daddy was home he made a castle with Addy and built a beach in our back yard. Addy tried pork chops, mini donuts and ice cream at the fair. She also saw many animals, sat on a horse and went on a tractor ride. The Butterfly exhibit at the MN Zoo was wonderful and so was the fun splash pad.

One night, Uncle Matt (Ben's friend) came over and hung out with us and we had a nacho feast! Addy always enjoys when Uncle Matt comes over!

We hit up the MN Zoo and saw Lions, Tigers and Bears---OH MY!! We even ran into Scott and Amanda and kiddos...

We finished off the weekend with a wonderful dinner at my in laws house and got to spend some time with Papa and Nana!

Monday, Addy and I spent the morning cleaning as you will see below and missing daddy. But we had a wonderful visit from Grandpa Ron and we got a new fun gadget on how to core a Pineapple then we went to Subway for lunch.

So enjoy these fun pictures! Next week I will tell you all about our fun weekend coming up...I will tell you only one involves a little blue engine...:)

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  1. Looks like you had lots of fun! Great pictures! Love you all!