Family Pix

Family Pix

Friday, April 27, 2012


From previous posts, many of you know that Addy loves dresses and dressing up. A couple weeks ago we went to our annual style show that my Grandma Anita invites us to every year (I have been going since I was 5).

On this particular day Addy got all dressed up into her pretty dress from my Grandma Anita. Little did she know when we left that day would she and her cousin Ainsley meet "REAL Pricesses"!

Eventhough we had to leave early as Addy is not quite ready for a few hour long event...I think the picture below will tell you just how much fun both her and Ainsley had.

There is nothing quite like being a girl....

"You are my daughter. You are an heir. An heir to the king of kings--that makes you a PRINCESS. You are the princess with an inhertiance beyond your wildest imagination."

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