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Family Pix

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.....30 Top Reason I love my hubby...Tribute to his 30th Birthday!

1. He is a godly man

2. He is faithful

3. He is respectful

4. He is loving

5. He is tender

6. He is great husband

7. He is my best friend

8. He is a great daddy

9. He makes me laugh everyday

10. He challenges me to be a better woman of God

11. He loves his family

12. He is loyal beyond measure

13. He is a great friend to all around him

14. He is a great son, brother, grandson,etc

15. He works harder than any man I know so that I can stay home with Addy

16. He has the best hugs

17. His kisses are tender to the touch (I know you don't have to read this one)

18. He is a blessing

19. He is always willing to do anything

20. He makes each day special

21. He is gentle

22. He loves playing with his girl and I love watching it!

23. He is a strong competitor and wins most of the time :)

24. He puts family first

25. He is great at fixing and putting things together

26. He is my comfort

27. He is strong

28. He is my protector

29. He is my love

30. He is the most amazing man a woman could ask for. I am thankful to spend the last 12 years with him and I am excited for many more to come.

I love you Benjamin Charles Paxson! You are my everything!

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