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Family Pix

Friday, December 10, 2010

Without a Gripe

I just got off the phone with my Grandma Anita after a nice little chat and felt the need to share about two people in my life that have had health issues but you would never know how much it really has affected them because they NEVER gripe about it.

I will first start off with my Grandma Anita. Many of you know for the last 3 years my grandma has been in and out of the hospital battling with some colon issues and other health issues. She has been to Mercy Hospital, short stay nursing homes, and has ended up even going to the Mayo clinic. There were many times that I got a call from my mom and knew grandma was back in the hospital. There was even one time that my grandma and I were in the ER at the same time.

I have watched my grandma gracefully go through the worst experiences of her life and yet she still comes out on top. There were times that I thought we would lose her because things went so bad she ended up in the ICU. However, Mayo Clinic did miracles. That is why I write about this today. My grandma's call was to tell me about her recent visit to Mayo Clinic on Monday. She got a clean bill of health from the doctor's. She doesn't have to go back for over 9 months! Praise the Lord!!!

I have noticed a difference in my grandma the past few months. She is painting again and most importantly she is cooking again! My grandma makes some of the best food and is always making dinners for Ben and I. My grandma Anita is such a blessing and has such a tender heart for people. Thank you Lord for allowing me to have her in my life.

The second person I want to share about her physical pain is my mom. For those of you who don't know, my mom has rheumatoid arthritis. She has now been battling with it for about 25 years or so. I have NEVER in my life heard my mom gripe or talk about the pain she is in. My mom is a woman that lives her life for others and always puts others first. My mom has helped my grandma through a lot of her pain and bringing her to and from appointments. My mom has never let her pain stop her from doing what she wants to do with her life, which is giving so much of her time to others.

The past few years her arthritis has gotten worse and she has had to have cortisone shots and has had to up her medication. Sometimes, its even hard for her to get out of bed in the morning and yet she moves on with each day without a word of complaint. I don't know about you but any ache or pain I have, I complain about (and probably shouldn't). Recently, my mom has also been working so hard to lose weight and she has lost over 55 pounds and has increased her exercise dramatically (exercise which is very difficult with the pain her arthritis causes). My mom is such an inspiration to me. I pray that one day I can be as great of a woman of God as she is. She is a phenomanal mother, daughter, wife, grandma, and friend. I love you mom.

So as you can see, these ladies live each day to the fullest with out a complaint in the world. I hope that I can learn to live my days like this and to remember that someone always has it a little bit harder than me. I am blessed to have had overall great health and I am thankful that the Lord has protected me from what my mom and grandma have gone through.

If two ladies could make it on top of things after all is said and done; my grandma and mom are those ladies.

I love you both so very much.